Why sponsor MobCon? Who you’ll meet and why they matter.

There’s nothing more sacred in business than a budget. The size of the budget can convey opportunity or constraint. The dollars in them are coveted, protected. And businesses want to make sure every cent is responsibly spent. Here here! Businesses interested in conference sponsorship should consider the long and short term benefits carefully to check if they align with strategic goals.

The reality is, we’re all short on time. So here’s the quick answer to the question, “Why sponsor MobCon?”

Build strong relationships with potential customers

At its very basic level, sales in any industry is grounded in relationships. There is no relationship more important to any business than the ones with their customers. To source new customers or solidify relationships with existing groups, there are an abundance of communication channels at our fingertips.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and blogging are amazing. Though, we’ve yet to develop an electronic means that can completely replace the human interaction of conversation and the momentum those interactions bring. Meet face-to-face with new and existing customers at MobCon.

Streamline your communication and save time

And really, it’s about time too. Do you have time to follow all of your contacts? To reply to all of your tweets? Or FB posts? Or read all the Pulse posts shared by LinkedIn thought leaders you follow? I think not, but at MobCon, you can plant a flag and say, “I’m going to be a part of the conversation and let the zeitgeist of the mobile revolution (we’re living in) be my guide.” You can spend two days learning, questioning and growing in your knowledge and the connections who can benefit from that knowledge.

Connect around coordinated programming

Customers are curious. MobCon US gives you a way to connect with them around a strategically planned agenda. MobCon is a cross section of the most impactful, intriguing technologies and strategies in that zeitgeist that will interest delegates.

They want to hear from trend-setting companies, from thought-leaders and from their colleagues about what’s happening, what’s successful and then see it (sometimes for the first time). They want to see companies with great ideas or services on our exhibition floor.

MobCon US is the perfect mix for customers who are interested in what’s new, who has it and where to find it. Be where they are to meet and discuss these ideas. Answer their questions with solutions your company can provide to help them innovate and expand on what they’re learning. Innovation is happening every day. Find the customers who are seeking to make it actionable for their businesses, and sponsor MobCon.

Want to know more about joining us as a partner in November?

Download our sponsorship brochure or call (612) 466-4935 ext. 340 to speak directly with me.