Where can VCs and tech entrepreneurs get together? Silicon Prairie.

The generation’s next Mark Zuckerberg may well be in Minneapolis this November 17-18 when tech entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, business professionals and software analysts from across the country gather for the fourth annual MobCon US conference. Over 500 are expected for the two-day knowledge share and networking event.

Events like MobCon represent an opportunity critical to successfully matching budding entrepreneurs with the VC or Angel money they need to get started or expand.

According to the AlleyWatch “May 2014 US and NYC Venture Capital & Angel Investment Report,” Angel and Seed deals have increased by 20% nationally. Additionally, the deal size has increased since 2013.

Here are the top two reasons MobCon matters for maintaining momentum in the Midwest startup economy.

MobCon offers investors the chance to “get in” on the ground floor of a startup.

Online tools exist like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and RocketHub to facilitate connections and the goodwill donations of dollars for good ideas. But the investors pledging money on these sites have no expectation of ownership in the fledgling companies. That may be fine for the more casual investors or those who don’t want to see an innovative company go belly up, but for those who want to see return a more tangible connection between investors and entrepreneurs must be made.

During MobDemo, five innovators pitch their ideas before the MobCon audience who then votes to determine the winners of cash, development and legal services credits. MobDemo offers any VCs and investors in attendance a first look at a curated program of the hottest ideas presented to the MobDemo selection committee. The deadline for MobDemo submissions ends October 7. Apply today.

MobCon minimizes the travel needed to make the initial meet-and-greet between investors and tech entrepreneurs.

One-on-one appointments for the idea people and investors needed to fund their success are always a possibility. But with the cost of travel and the near tipping point many personal schedules appear to have reached, this can be difficult.

Events like MobCon eliminate the need to jet-set from city to city, meeting to meeting. Instead, MobCon brings entrepreneurs and innovators to the same place. Think of it as a fest for ideas. The lineup? Promising mobile strategists and builders. These artists of progress trade mics and amps for the Slideshares and Prezis needed to communicate just how their ideas will make a difference.

Is the the Midwest Silicon Valley of the future? Investors say yes.

NPR and Bloomberg business have noted the exodus of startup entrepreneurs to cities like Des Moines, IA; Lincoln, NE and Kansas City, KS. There’s even a name for this new tech promised land, “Silicon Prairie” where ventures like Bulu Box and Hudl can thrive. And where the rates to occupy converted office space downtown is considerably more cost-effective.

Located just north of Silicon Prairie, MobCon is the place to see and be seen for tech entrepreneurs.

Photo courtesy of Ivan Garcia/Shutterstock.