When Healthcare Meets Technology (Podcast)

Well, today’s the day! Our premiere one-day healthcare conference, MobCon Digital Health, is taking place at the Hyatt Regency, Minneapolis. We couldn’t be more excited by the top-tier medical industry experts and healthcare IT innovators we’ve brought together to showcase the latest trends in digital healthcare.

If you’re attending today, you will experience the latest in technological innovation and best practices, and be exposed to the newest digital and mobile strategies. You’ll also learn about innovation related to health, wellness, and traditional healthcare. With five educational tracks, exhibits, tech demos, and unparalleled networking opportunities, it’s truly a “don’t miss” event. If you’re in Minneapolis today and want to attend, or would like more information about this year’s sessions and attendees, you can find out more here.

Modern healthcare is at a tipping point: Healthcare providers and IT experts are exploring new cloud storage capabilities, wireless functionalities, and mobile phone technologies and figuring out how to best connect, collect, and care for their patients and all of that data being collected. But there are challenges.

One such challenge is security. As with all technology, medical devices are not immune to being hacked. Security has to be one of the top priorities in digital health.

Another such challenge is user experience and ease-of-use. User error could have disastrous results when it comes to mobile treatments, records keeping, or when prescribing medication.

And the next wave of innovation to come? It may just be showcased in a place that can’t be seen… inside our bodies. Implantable devices bring benefits such as long-term health gains for chronic health conditions, a continuous supply of data to physicians and healthcare practitioners and a reduction in expensive visits to hospitals and clinics, among others.

No matter the innovations to come, the biggest player in this digital healthcare game will be the rivers of accessible data. Heath and wellness data, and their resulting privacy concerns, will be discussed for years to come as devices and healthcare tech continue to evolve.

All these topics and more will be discussed, debated, and challenged at today’s MobCon Digital Health conference. Also, be sure and check out the SMACTalk podcast, where V3 Broadsuite executives Shelly Kramer and Daniel Newman (with Brian Fanzo), dig deeper into the pros and cons of this burgeoning and brave new world of modern medicine.

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