Robert Stone

Robert Stone

CEO/Founder, Medical Design Solutions, Inc.


Wearable Devices for Medical Applications – What Makes These Devices “Medical”

Wearable sensors for health and fitness are now ubiquitous. FDA and FCC rules purport to allow for access to medical applications for such wearable sensors and devices; but manufacturers are reluctant to provide devices which can effectively utilize the existing technology and make medical claims. We will discuss what makes these devices “medical” and give a case history and demonstration of one such device with the potential benefits of its successful launch.

What you’ll learn:

  • Remote monitoring is a concept whose time has come; and need not be proven to be effective and cost saving
  • Remote medical monitoring is still inhibited by obsolete regulatory requirements
  • Healthcare is still in transition and will soon accelerate to more personal in-home care
  • The difference in data and information for healthcare providers


Robert Stone has over thirty years of academic and industry experience in the field of medical electronics systems and instrumentation. As CEO and Founder of Medical Design Solutions, Inc. Dr. Stone is responsible for all phases of product development including concept definition, prototyping, design, evaluation, patenting and technology licensing. He has managed teams which developed surgical tools, catheters, stents, and has significant experience in operating rooms and surgical theaters. Dr. Stone was a pioneer in the field of Pulse Oximetry and Newborn Hearing screening and is currently developing technologies for remote monitoring of newborns, post-hospital discharge patients, and senior citizens with frail health or co-morbidities.