Stefan Shopov

QA Analyst


Web services and performance testing from scratch

Complicated mobile and web solutions require extensive integration testing and need to meet non-functional requirements like performance and stability. Apache jMeter provides an open-source and cost-effective solution for small and big software companies. We are going to introduce you to the tool and its capabilities, do real world exercises, extract results and analyse gathered data.


  • Web Services Basics
  • Jmeter Basics
  • Jmeter Recording Controller
  • Creating requests
  • Listeners
  • Assertions
    • Response Assertions
    • JSON Path Assertion
  • Variables
    • Why and Where Are They Used
    • Random Variables
  • Transfer Variables
    • Regular Expression Extractor
    • JSON Path Extractor
  • Negative Test Cases
  • Performance and Load testing
  • Reports
  • Analysis
  • Exercises


First QA Analyst to establish MentorMate QA department in Ruse, Stefan possesses wide experience from project management, manual and automation testing to SEO. Furthermore he has developed several trainings on his own for jMeter, SoapUI and Requirements Analysis, and successfully trained more than 30 QA Specialists.