Stas Zhukovskiy

iOS developer & Branch Evangelist


How to build and deploy custom onboarding for your iOS app

On average 50% of new downloads don’t complete the onboarding process, never activate to become users, and don’t return to the app. Join this session to learn how the top apps have used custom onboarding to increase their user activation rate 78%, and build custom onboarding for your own iOS app. In this hands-on workshop you’ll go through each step of setting up custom onboarding, starting with integrating deep linking, structuring your app content for sharing, and configuring your app to receive deep link data and recovering information within the app for the custom experience. You’ll need an app, or test app, and your laptop to make the most of this workshop.
Level: Intermediate


Stas is a well-known iOS developer with more than 7 years of coding. He loves exploring marketing hacks and finding secret mobile growth tricks that help apps go viral. He is passionate about helping partners find the right tools for their mobile strategies.
Outside of Branch, Stas co-organizes the Moscow CocoaHeads meetup and is a true Apple fanboy.