Sahil Dua

Graduate Software Developer,


A/B Testing – Why? What? How?

How often do you change the colour of a button on your website? How often do you change the layout of a part of the website?
How do you measure the effect of these changes? Do you just make an assumption that your changes will be liked by your users/customers?
I will be talking about a data-driven approach – A/B testing. I plan to cover these aspects –
– Why should you use A/B testing in your business?
– What all can you test using A/B testing?
– How can you do efficient A/B testing of change in your product?
I will also cover some scenarios where A/B testing may not work or may fail.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate


A passionate open source contributor, Sahil is a core contributor in DuckDuckGo’s open source Instant Answers. He is also one of the contributors in some other big projects including Linguist (GitHub), Brackets (Adobe), go-github (Google), Kinto (Mozilla) and Pandas.
Before joining, he worked with more than 4 startups and also co-founded one back in India. He loves tinkering with APIs and can be found programming in a variety of languages like Python, Go and Perl.