Ryan Pena

Social Media & Events Manager, MentorMate


It’s time to take back control – Managing your digital footprint

Don’t let the Google’s of the world control your destiny. Learn everything about you digital footprint – what it means, why it matters, and how controlling yours can aid in developing your career. In this session, we’ll cover more effective ways to leverage LinkedIn, GitHub, Stack Overflow, and other social networks to help build your professional brand and position you on a path that better represents your unique talents and accomplishments.

Level: Intermediate


Ryan Peña is a Social Media Manager with over 6 years of experience in the field. He’s known for implementing highly innovative social media platforms into rapidly changing environments. Key accomplishments include personalized trainings on social media best practices, implementing an online community that grew to over 15,000 customers in just one year, growing leads generated from social media by over 1,500% year over year, launching employee advocacy programs, and recently launching a social media presence for a complex software solutions company.

Social Media is not only Ryan’s career but also a hobby and he truly enjoys helping people connect with each other. Recently, he was featured on several social media podcasts and speaks internationally.