Christopher Rand, CFA

Member, Life Science Tennessee


Health IT Hubs: State-of-the-State

Looking forward, the answers to tough questions facing regional markets will define the future and success of healthcare nationally. How can organizations manage cost by rendering healthcare less labor intensive while at the same time offering customization on a mass scale? How can we shift the balance of power to the patient in the evolving care model? Can patients ever truly be in control of their health if all of their most basic data isn’t accurate, available in one place and readily accessible? What political and ethical changes must occur to support these shifts?

Regions around the country are answering these questions differently. The Twin Cities, San Francisco, Boston and Nashville are hubs where trends are being carefully observed and expanded upon. Hear from chief executives of state-based industry associations who will provide a high-level SWOT analysis of their regions. Learn about the nuances in each state and how we can better deliver on the triple aim of lower cost, improved quality and better health by working together. Q&A to follow.

What you’ll learn:

  • How health IT priorities vary state-by-state and what we can do to connect the dots to transform national outcomes
  • Common challenges and opportunities based on healthcare sectors more prominently represented in each state
  • How to connect these regions to facilitate business development and improve healthcare outcomes statewide and globally
  • Areas of predicted entrepreneurial growth by region


Mr. Rand co-founded TriStar Technology Ventures in 2009. Through his role at TriStar, he serves on the Board of Directors for Angel Eye, Carrot Medical, Cobra Introducer, Evermind, InvisionHeart, MedCenterDisplay, Octovis, Preferral and Nashville Capital Network. Prior to co-founding TriStar, Mr. Rand was the Manager of New Venture Development in Vanderbilt’s Office of Technology Transfer and Enterprise Development. That responsibility included licensing Vanderbilt intellectual property, assisting in the formation of new start-up companies and working with existing start-ups. Since beginning as the Chancellor’s Fund in 2000, Vanderbilt has invested a significant amount of capital into 30 different Vanderbilt-related companies. Mr. Rand was responsible for managing this portfolio and represented Vanderbilt on the boards of five of these companies.

Prior to joining Vanderbilt, Mr. Rand worked in PricewaterhouseCoopers’ valuation group, providing consulting and transaction support services. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame and his MBA from Vanderbilt.

TriStar Technology Ventures is a member of Life Science Tennessee. As a member of the Life Science Tennessee association, Mr. Rand understands the need for advocacy at both the state and federal levels for issues that affect member companies, as well as the continued commitment the association provides around economic and workforce development, mentoring, networking, and general support of initiatives to help member organizations grow and prosper.