Petar Kadakevliev

Senior Frontend Developer


Build your first progressive web app

Push the limits of your web knowledge, providing native-apps-like functionalities and experience to any web app.
A lot of info on the web, but this time we’ll start coding

In a competition-like coding session you’ll have the chance to build extra features to a sample web app. We’ll provide a server-side API that you’ll use for granted. This way you’ll be able to focus on the client-side functionality only.

The plan is as follows:

I. A small presentation with little guide on how exactly we’ll proceed with coding.

II. Make a small Single Page Application – with the technology you love the most. Or use a ready one, that you have already developed. (A simple page with at least a button is enough to cover the bare minimum of the extra features you’ll develop.)

III. Add the extra features – develop the additional stuff that will turn your SPA into a powerful Progressive Web App. Here you have two variants:

* You have a local web server, where you can configure https URLs. In this case you won’t need anything specific, cause you’ll be able to use the API out-of-the-box.

* You don’t have a local web server, or you can’t have/configure https URLs on it. In this case you’ll need a FTP client, so you connect to a ready-to-use FTP accounts and a testing subdomain, where you’ll be able to develop your app.

You’ll need to bring a mobile computer, on which you’ll code those extra features and gain the knowledge.


Petar is a Senior Frontend Developer at ScaleFocus AD. He has Master degree in Computer Systems and Technologies and almost 10 years of professional experience. With his PHP background he is able to solve wide variety of problems from system administration to frontend and backend development.