Momchil Elenkov

Global Telecom Partnerships Manager, Viber


Some practical bot-thoughts

Bots are the new power and looks as if they will concur the world. Learn more about how bots can help you build a better brand. In this session, we will make a short overview of artificial intelligence (AI) and chat-bot development over time. Learn what the Viber’s approach on bots is. We will share some practical real-life examples and ideas for bot developers as well. Come and share the vibe.


Momchil Elenkov, Global Telecom partnerships manager. Momchil is responsible for the Viber strategic commercial partnerships with mobile operators on group level as well as in various markets worldwide. His fields of action also include tech-projects related to AI, Chat-bots, B2B and B2C-communication between corporations and end-users via the Viber-ecosystem. Momchil has a background in two of the leading telecoms in Bulgaria where he managed the mobile products and services and CRM strategies and activities.