Marian Marinov

Head System Architect, Siteground


Protecting your home and office in the era of IoT

After the DDoS attack that brought down DynDNS last October there have been much talk about the security of IoT devices. Unfortunately it has been proven that we can no longer depend on the manufacturers ability to provide continuous security to the devices we buy. So now in the era of the cloud and IoT, securing your home and office FROM these IoT is more important then ever. I will share with you some practical advances for protecting your networks and most importantly protecting the Internet from your IoT devices. If you have that Internet connected fridge or light you are the perfect audience for this session.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate


Marian is a system administrator by heart. He is working with Linux for more than 20 years. Currently he is Head System Architect at SiteGround – world leading web hosting and IT provider. He is a big fan of FOSS and regularly speaks at different conferences around the world. In his spare time he teaches Linux system administration and Network security courses in Sofia University and SoftUni.