Dimitar Mihaylov

Experience Designer


Psychology behind the colours

Colour is one of the most powerful sensory stimuli we encounter on a daily basis. It has the ability to lift our mood, or lower it, the power to suppress our appetites, or stimulate them, and it can have restorative, calming, and even healing powers.

In this workshop, together we will explore the bond between the psychology and colours, different patterns of usage and we will practise interesting exercises and approaches for providing relevant experience for the end users.


Dimitar is a UX/UI design with more than four years of experience and variety of projects behind him. He has competence in mobile, web and print solutions. In his work he uses different kinds of processes and tools to provide the right experience to the end users.
From two years and a half he is part of the experience design team in MentorMate.
In his leisure time he prefers to travel, watch movies and sport.