Meredith DeZutter

Service Designer, Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation


Fighting the Gravitational Pull: Design in Health Care

The health care system is complex and currently does not fully meet the needs of people. This industry is ripe for innovation. Ironically, while there is a great need for change, the current system reinforces the types of behaviors, services, products, and experiences that contribute to a sub-optimal system. At the Center for Innovation we have developed design mindsets, methodologies, and system principles to fight the gravitational pull of the sub-optimal system. In this session we will share examples of our work that break through the existing system and aim to transform the experience and delivery of health care.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understanding the challenges for innovators in the current healthcare system.
  • How to build a foundation and increase innovation in the current healthcare system
  • How we prototype new technologies related to innovation at different phases
  • Technology innovation requires buy-in from many stakeholders past users


Meredith is a designer whose work focuses on creating services, products, and experiences for people; people who bring their unique behaviors, motivations, attitudes, and values to every aspect of their daily lives. Her work introduces design methodologies and tools to integrate the individuality of people into the complexity of health and health care systems. At the Center for Innovation much of her work has focused on designs to improve the communication between care providers and people, whether through new health and care models, redefining where and when care occurs, or by providing a better overall experience. Additionally, much of this work has aligned with trends in health and health care, disruptive technology and social drivers, and sensitivities to a changing competitive landscape with increased financial sensitivity.

Prior to Mayo Clinic, Meredith has over 19 years of global consulting experience in facilitating innovation and co-creation teams as well as identifying and developing design solutions for both products and systems. Meredith has led design research and strategy efforts for innovative health systems, health care service providers, and medical product developers. Additionally, she has delivered lectures and papers on new ideas and methodologies in service design and research to professional societies and corporations. She has a BFA in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon University.