Jenny Dang

Jenny Dang

QA Engineer, The Nerdery


Health Care & Accessibility – No Longer an Option

Most people are familiar with the concept of ‘accessibility’ and that their websites and applications should be accessible to all users. However, most people, even technology professionals, don’t understand what it actually means to be accessible and the steps to take to ensure you have an accessible online presence.

This is even more essential in the healthcare industry. We’re not just risking losing customers, we have compliance regulations and standards that we have to be mindful of constantly. Everyone needs to be able to access our sites, apps and systems. Accessibility is no longer an option, it’s essential.

This seminar will be an overview of what everyone in healthcare, from development teams and webmasters to marketing departments and executive leadership, needs to know about accessibility. Whether you think you’re currently compliant or just not sure where to start, it’s essential to stay on top of this important issue.

What you’ll learn:

  • What is accessibility and who is impacted by it
  • Compliance standards that everyone in healthcare should know
  • The four principles of accessibility
  • How to test for accessibility in existing sites and how to approach accessibility if you’re just starting a digital project


Jenny Dang is a Quality Assurance engineer from the Nerdery. She received a B.A. degree in Art with a focus in Animation from the University of Minnesota. She has been the driving force behind the accessibility initiative at the Nerdery. Through her consultation with web developers and user experience experts, The Nerdery has been able to create a web experiences that are accessible to all users. Jenny is currently leading a multi-disciplined collaboration with Accessibility Task Force to standardize the accessibility curriculum at The Nerdery.