Tyrre Burks

CEO, Player’s Health


Accelerating Your Digital Health Startup

Navigating the unique challenges facing startups can be timely, expensive and lead entrepreneurs down dead end streets. Join this diverse panel, including Sansoro Health, winner of the 2016 Venture+ Forum pitch competition for startup companies in the healthcare technology industry and learn more about overcoming challenges to successfully build and grow your organization.

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to strategically align with financial partners and investors in the sector
  • Understand the intricate nuances of the fast-changing healthcare landscape and how to identify a distinguishing differentiator
  • Hear how a strong business plan and value proposition are a must
  • Understand the legal and regulatory issues around healthcare startups and specific new legislation around this industry


Tyrre Burks is the Founder/CEO of Player’s Health. Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago with his younger brother and single mother, Tyrre attended Harper College, and then transferred to Winona State University (WSU). Burks lost his mother in 2007 to a car accident involving a drunk driver, leading to the guardianship of his younger brother at the age of 20. Remaining dedicated to his family, education, and his love of the game, Tyrre became a quick standout at WSU as a wide-receiver. After graduating WSU with a BS in Organizational Psychology, Burks went on to play football professionally in Europe and the CFL (Canadian Football League.)

Unfortunately, his entire football career was plagued by injuries and ultimately came to an end by the time he was 24 years old. Although injuries cut Tyrre’s football career short, they also gave him insight into a problem that needs to be solved, which led to the creation of Player’s Health in July of 2015. The vision of Player’s Health is become the largest database of sports injuries and the cost associated to sports injuries. He believes the more we know about the environment we are exposing our children to the safer we can make the sports they play everyday. Injury Surveillance and Data is apart of the intervention.

Burks currently resides in Minnesota with his beautiful pregnant wife, son, brother, and soon-to-be baby girl.