How professional networking events actually make a difference

Conferences are the place to learn something new, establish contacts and promote yourself in a chosen field with like-minded people. But, professional networking events today have a problem. The larger offerings draw so many attendees that waiting in line and managing meal tickets become the focuses rather than forging meaningful business relationships.

MobCon events, including the upcoming digital health conference in Minneapolis and San Francisco, trade attendee lists extending into the thousands for quality experiences, education and connections.

All-access networking

Professional networking events shouldn’t just be a shuffle of business cards and quick greetings, they should enable introductions to the people who can help you grow as a person and professional. MobCon Digital Health events bring together executives, IT leaders, medical regulatory leaders, physicians, hospital administrators and medical device manufacturers to help foster connections that matter in the healthcare industry.

Compared to larger conferences that draw students, salesmen and intermediary business professionals, MobCon attracts senior-level strategists and decision makers. With smaller audiences than conferences like HIMSS, MobCon attendees have the chance to talk, connect and work collaboratively to build personal or brand influence in the industry.

MobCon Digital Health was specifically designed to allow these important networking opportunities to be held in a comfortable atmosphere during break-outs, exhibits, lunch, breakfast, as well as after informative sessions.

Learn from senior healthcare leadership

Conferences with enough attendees to fill a stadium give speakers an impressive audience but leave guests without the opportunity to discuss or even meet with many of the speakers. We create a program and customize the experience so no one gets lost in the crowd. With enough flexibility in the schedule, speakers can field questions and get to know attendees following keynotes and sessions, creating a truly interactive experience.

At MobCon Digital Health this experience is pivotal because our speakers aren’t just informed they’re accomplished in the healthcare and technology world. We’ve assembled some of the most influential names to explain and comment on healthcare technology, big data utilization and funding digital health solutions.

Top speakers include: Vice President & General Manager of Medtronic, Sheri Dodd; Senior Managing Director of Accenture, Doctor Kaveh Safavi and CEO of the Clinton Foundation, Rain Henderson.

Focused sponsorships create quality brand awareness

Our sponsors aren’t buying a quick reference, they’re garnering awareness with a special audience of entrepreneurs, innovators and educators. By drawing a focused group, we provide brand awareness opportunities most other professional networking events can’t offer. We make MobCon a great place for our sponsors to network and create awareness for their brands through website exposure, print inclusion within event campaigns and social network, email and website recognition throughout the conference.

With our unique audience of healthcare experts, entrepreneurs, care providers and industry professionals sponsors have the opportunity to generate leads and connections in both Minneapolis’ and San Francisco’s healthcare and technology industries giving them a great return on investment for helping us create MobCon Digital Health.

Spending time instead of resources

Professional networking events that provide access equal to MobCon make attendees pay for it. We keep value high and cost of attendance small to encourage a spectrum of attendees from successful entrepreneurs to senior leaders.

Learn more about our way of connecting this April 26, at MobCon Digital Health.

Photo courtesy of lzf.