MobCon 2015 That's a Wrap

MobCon 2015 that’s a WRAP

For two days last week, #MobCon dominated the Twittersphere as attendees came from California to Virginia to learn, tweet and trend in Minneapolis November 17-18.

Speakers presented. Attendees listened. And everyone took selfies. Check out a Storify documenting a recap of MobCon’s social media footprint here.

Beyond the buzz, attendees left MobCon with a slew of new insights to maximize technology and anticipate the trends of tomorrow. Here are a few top takeaways:

Fear is good. 

Brave New Workshop, the country’s oldest improvisational theater, kicked off the conference helping attendees look inward. In their latest book, “The Innovative Mindset” they explore how fear is an integral part of the human experience. Why does is matter? Innovators always need to be aware of any behaviors that might inhibit growth.

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Show me you know me.

Personalization emerged as a key trend throughout MobCon. Speakers shared insight about incorporating it in the range of digital experiences from the desktop to the small screen. All people (including the oft-highlighted Millennial generation) want to be heard. They want to be understood. To create brand experiences, keynote Susan Panico from Pandora urged marketers to build campaigns that start with a data-derived trend. Look to insight and data. Let it lead you to better satisfy consumer expectations. Speaking of consumers, 50% want their personal information used to tailor and coordinate their buying experiences.

If launching a new website feels like climbing Mt. Everest, you’re right.

According to Luke Summerfield, Project Manager at HubSpot, the choices made by the first team to scale the peak align with the decision-making process of successful delivery teams. After a particularly trying storm, the team chose to take each day at a time — making quick decisions and pivoting, if needed, in real time. Growth driven design is much like this. It’s a strategy to design, build and launch websites iteratively. What does this mean? Companies don’t labor over a product for a year or two. They build, design and launch as quick as they can possibly meet user needs and offer value. Then the process continues with constant iterations and improvement.

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Work lean. Save sanity.

Annika Seaberg, MentorMate Creative Director, also explored how an iterative approach can also save your project team’s sanity. Too often, projects run out-of-scope and over budget. By starting with solution to address highly-focused customer needs collected right from the source, you can quickly build a solution (saving on the guesswork) and immediately test it with the user base. Annika’s talk echoed the conference theme to let use trends dictate continuous improvement.

The app graveyard is real.

Just ask businesses who have launched an app only to see download rates and adoption languish. We spend a lot of money driving people to apps. $3 billion, in fact (eMarketer, 2015). Yet, 25% of installed apps are never even used (Google, 2015). And we may not even need them in the future. A panel of technologists at MobCon predicted in the future, functionality previously housed in apps will be delivered intuitively by device operating systems themselves.

We owe it all to you.

Thank you MobCon 2015 for your selfies and your support. You are the true makers of change. And our speakers. WOW. That’s all we can say. Thanks for sharing your mobile methods and management styles. There’s no doubt, we’re walking away more connected and more informed.

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Stay smart. Stay fresh.

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