How Live Streaming With Periscope and Makes a Conference Totally Awesome

Imagine attending a conference where the speakers aren’t the only thought leaders, but you are as well! We’re excited to announce MobCon is leveraging live streaming tools like Periscope and to inform and immerse both onsite and online attendees into the conference experience.

It’s all the conference game

Over the past 4 years, I’ve been to roughly 20 conferences and events. I learned a few things, made some connections, and had fun…but there was always something missing. For the majority of these conferences, I was one of hundreds of people in the audience listening to the speakers.

During this time, loads of thoughts/ideas/questions flowed through my head, yet I knew I needed to limit my thoughts to the one or two in hopes that I would be able to ask a question near the end and have the whole room look at me.  Anyway, that’s the life of a conference attendee, right?

Giving everyone a voice at MobCon — not just speakers

Wrong! When I joined the team at MobCon as Social Media Manager, I felt like I finally had a unique opportunity to enhance the conference experience, for everyone: attendees, speakers, staff, industry and the local community. Imagine a conference where everyone’s thoughts are heard, where you can be on the front line of the next big thing in mobile, tech and marketing, where all of us can strengthen our professional brands and take home one of the most memorable conference experiences to date. Here’s how we’re going to do just that…

Join the conversation at MobCon — here’s how

In terms of social media coverage during MobCon, our primary goal for the conference is to ensure everyone that attends has an exceptional experience, one way being through the use of social media tools. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Use #MobCon on Twitter to network before, during and after the conference
  • Follow MobCon on Twitter via @MobConUS for conference updates
  • Live Streaming via Periscope and Blab
  • Contests will be announced during the conference for anyone using these tools

Spotlight on social newcomers: Periscope & Blab

For those unfamiliar with Periscope or Blab, they entered the mobile scene earlier this year and are changing the way in which we collaborate and showcase thought leadership. Pericope allows anyone to instantly share a live video feed instantly where anyone around the world can tune in, ask questions, say hi or just sit back and watch what’s unfolding, live!

Blab, on the other hand, is about group conversations. You can have up to 4 people in a video conversation and an unlimited amount of people can watch live while chatting with everyone in the room. While Blab sounds similar to Google Hangouts, it’s easier to use and integrates seamlessly with Twitter, which helps to draw more live viewers in instantly. Shaan Puri, Founder and CEO of Blab, will be speaking at MobCon about Blab while giving a lesson in disruption.

Live stream your experience

As a conference attendee, in addition to joining the Twitter conversation at #MobCon, we’d also like to anyone familiar with Periscope or Blab to be an audience live-streamer. If you’re interested, please email me at, and Ahna and I will work out the details with you.

My MobCon social partner in crime12177745_10207908055242552_1967813461_n

In order to drive this plan, I had to find more talent, hands, and smartphones. Enter Ahna Hendrix, the CEO of ARCH Digital Agency, a full service social media marketing agency comprised of specialists. Before ARCH, Ahna managed social media accounts with a variety of clients — from a neurofeedback doctor who works with professional athletes to a fine art nonprofit under She graduated from UNC Chapel Hill at the School of Journalism & Mass Communication with a degree in MultiMedia Journalism. Her experience led to designing campaigns for MTV, Eva Longoria, Wolfgang Puck, National Geographic, De Beers, and many more before launching in social media full time. She’s flying into Minneapolis to help out with live streaming (via Periscope and Blab) and ensure we all have a voice during the conference.

Finally, for those unable to attend MobCon, be sure to tune in!! Follow #MobCon on Twitter, MobCon on Periscope, and on! You’ll be able to hear from speakers and attendees…heck, you could even be pulled into a live chat with us and immerse yourself into a conference in a whole new way!

See you at MobCon this November 17th and 18th!