Download: The Future of Mobile Tech

Where Marketing, Business and Strategy Are Headed Next

How do you win mindshare in a population that interacts with their mobile devices 150-200 times per day? What’s the shelf-life of apps today? Each year strategists, architects, developers, innovators, technologists and business professionals gather at MobCon to distill what mobile means today and where it’s going.

Through presentation analysis and survey techniques, we’ve culled their top insights and broken down why they matter for businesses today. Grow your strategy and engagement potential. Learn from experts obsessed with staying ahead and getting it right.


  • Top organizational challenges around tech advancement
  • How the Age of the Consumer will impact your business
  • The importance of a mobile marketing strategy
  • How to personalize our user experience
  • Why brands are flocking to multi-media marketing
  • Trends mobile futurists are forecasting
  • Mobile opportunities with the most promise
  • How to use data to drive decisions, design and development