How the Apple App Store revolutionized consumer access and ownership

One of the most monumental announcements from this year’s Apple World Wide Developer’s Conference came not in the form of functional capability but rather, a frequency of use update. According to Tim Cook, the App Store as surpassed 100 billion downloads. Beyond numbers, the Apple CEO explored how the App Store fundamentally transformed collective access to consumer goods and services.

From idea to app in a year

Last year, Karla Lemmon had a problem. Lists had overtaken her once simple life. As a new mom, she found herself scribbling one down each time she packed to take her son traveling or even just for a quick overnight. But, Karla had an idea. What if there was an app that coordinated it all? Now thanks to the development resources she won at MobDemo — there is.

Whazzup with WhatsApp?

Whatsapp is a mobile answer to limited resources and limited global interaction. With its continued fast adoption and the predicted video calling feature, it promises to continue revolutionizing how we think about cost-effective communication and information exchange.