Why There’s Hope for Healthcare: Innovating to Compete

There is no doubt that major change—and fundamental disruption—is underway in healthcare. Two main forces are at play: Focusing healthcare on value, not volume—Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), bundles, Centers of Excellence, and other new models are emerging for driving total health management and accountability for quality and cost. Rise of consumerism—Consumers have more accountability today […]

Can Big Data Help with Diagnostics?

Thanks to advances in digital healthcare, it is now possible to get a medical check-up without setting foot in a hospital or doctor’s office. However, when it comes to getting diagnostic tests done, not much has changed. It’s true that digital healthcare providers and innovators are striving to make testing and diagnostics conductible over digital […]

Re-humanizing the Patient and Provider Interaction

As a former pre-medical student, I worked relentlessly throughout high school, college, and beyond to achieve my goal of becoming a physician. During this time, I encountered dozens of physicians urging me to re-think my decision. Their words and actions expressed general dissatisfaction with the career that I had been so passionate about for as […]

Five Tips to Prevent Reporters From Deleting Your Healthcare PR Pitch

Getting noticed in the big, fragmented world of healthcare media is not easy. Reporters have myriad interests, little time and for the most part, scant regard for public relations types (yup I am not mincing words here). But we are also constantly looking for interesting new trends, companies and technologies to write about. We are […]