Harmonizing the patient experience with technology

In healthcare today, there are a variety of ways patient and provider efforts to monitor, collect data or treat illnesses can harmonize during and between visits. Patients can view test results loaded by healthcare professionals via patient portals or log activity in a wellness app to share. In fact, there are so many different ways, patients, providers, physicians and payers are documenting healthcare experiences, they have become fragmented, disjointed and overwhelming.

Elevating the consumer journey with digital

The best digital resources guide users through the product anticipating their actions and behaviors by presenting them with drop-down menus, buttons or functionality that allows them to interact and earn value. The key? Ensuring that a user’s frustration accessing the resource is non-existent and that their effort never exceeds what they gain. So what do the best digital experiences do well and what can we learn to hone them in creating a valuable consumer journey?

Why aren’t more women speaking at tech conferences?

Our community is rich with women who code, women who lead start-ups, women who are dominating their particular market through app development, strategy and customer engagement. Yes, I and other women I know in this field still talk about what it feels to be the only woman in the room sometimes, but it’s happening less and less. So why aren’t we better represented on the stage at conferences?