One ingredient your mobile marketing strategy must have (and how to do it)

We all know that people (customers, buyers, visitors) are attached at the hip and hand to their mobile devices. Mobile isn’t just the future of how and where we market to people with personal, optimized experiences, it’s the now. But to be a successful, and run a well-balanced marketing strategy you must consider how it fits with your other marketing initiatives.

How Live Streaming With Periscope and Makes a Conference Totally Awesome

Imagine attending a conference where the speakers aren’t the only thought leaders, but you are as well! We’re excited to announce MobCon is leveraging live streaming tools like Periscope and to inform and immerse both onsite and online attendees into the conference experience. It’s all the conference game Over the past 4 years, I’ve […]

Why Genuine Connections Will Always Matter

Because of its brevity, mobile technology forces us to create business scenarios where technology empowers rather than overpowers the customer experience. It removes the need for sales and marketing professionals to be tethered to the office, and provides a portal to every important, real time update needed to influence and move the customer experience toward that moment of genuine connection.