The Rise of the Context Comfortables

During the summer of 2015 Stone Mantel and Market Vision conducted a 1,209 person survey for the Digital Consumer Collaborative. All survey participants had smart phones and thus were, whether they knew it or not, sharing data. Our intent was to better understand Context Comfortables, their counter parts and what each group means for brands.

Can Big Data Help with Diagnostics?

Thanks to advances in digital healthcare, it is now possible to get a medical check-up without setting foot in a hospital or doctor’s office. However, when it comes to getting diagnostic tests done, not much has changed. It’s true that digital healthcare providers and innovators are striving to make testing and diagnostics conductible over digital […]

Using Big Data to Reduce Costs and Enhance the Value of Healthcare

Big Data is on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days, and it’s no surprise, considering the massive amounts of data we all generate every day. While most industries are already recognizing the value of capturing and analyzing big data, the healthcare industry has just begun to dip its feet in the big data pool. […]