Entries by Jen Swanson

Bridging the IT/Marketing divide in customer experience design

When starting a customer experience design project, Marketing, Strategy and IT professionals spend a ton of time working to get into the heads of customers — assessing and selecting tools for journey mapping, data analysis and user persona development. This work is hard, but intensely rewarding, and can lead you to design for the customer experience in ways you never would, had you only been looking inward.

The case for gender equity at conferences

Today, conferences and seminars are our modern salons — events that bring together vastly different experiences, perspectives, roles, industries and companies to share in successes and failures that spark the creative genius in each of us.

Why aren’t more women speaking at tech conferences?

Our community is rich with women who code, women who lead start-ups, women who are dominating their particular market through app development, strategy and customer engagement. Yes, I and other women I know in this field still talk about what it feels to be the only woman in the room sometimes, but it’s happening less and less. So why aren’t we better represented on the stage at conferences?