Announcing this year’s MobDemo finalists

Is their app good enough? Five mobile innovators will find out when they take the stage at MobCon to pitch their big ideas. MobDemo, a competition held during the two-day conference, gives entrepreneurs and mobile dreamers the opportunity to present before an audience of over 400.

These big ideas range from providing an outlet for parents and children to share in creativity to treating PTSD. Earlier this year, applicants submitted their app ideas, and from this pool of applicants, five finalists were chosen.

Competing has its perks, including the grand prize of $5,000 along with $20,000 in free mobile development from MentorMate and $3,000 in free legal services from Gray Plant Mooty. The second and third place winners will also be awarded development and legal services.

Voting will begin following the 3:15PM session on Tuesday, November 17. Tune into our live social coverage during the event to find out the winner. In the meantime, meet our finalists:

Amber Gunn Thomas, Founder at The Patchery

App Concept: Kids and parents can design children’s fashion via mobile and submit their creations to be custom-made and delivered to their home.

Doug DeBold, Co-founder at Perk Health

App Concept: Perk Health has reimagined wellness by making healthy habits a virtual sport. The app will encourage personal well-being and provide intelligent coaching coupled with teams and competitions.

Aneela Idnani, Co-founder of Kid Around Town

App Concept: With Kid Around Town, kids choose where they want to go & curate memories from their point of view.

Robert Flessner, CEO at Vugo

App Concept: Use TripIntent technology to place highly targeted advertising in rideshare vehicles.

Tyler Skluzacek, Founder/Developer at MyBivy

App Concept: MyBivy helps PTSD victims sleep at night through intensive body tracking and terror-disrupting responses.