4 MobCon speakers you need to know right now

This November leaders will gather at MobCon US to share what they know — and what they can’t wait to see next. From Fortune 100 companies to some of Silicon Valley’s most innovative ventures, they will gather in Minneapolis. Adobe. Mashable. Pinterest. Thomson Reuters. Coast to coast, the impetus to inspire and learn is the same. Future business viability depends on it. As the conference grows closer, we will spotlight the speakers you can’t afford to miss at MobCon.

Asay_Matt_featuredMatt Asay, Adobe :: Mastermind of mobile

Session: How Mobile Is Driving Digital Transformation

Meet Adobe Vice President of Mobile, Matt Asay. From editing photos to creating layouts, he knows what catches the eye and holds the gaze. After all, the Adobe brand is built around visual innovation. Hear him share how today’s businesses must create, measure and customize mobile experiences to satisfy savvy consumers.

Walk away knowing:

+ The people, processes, and technology required to build a mobile strategy positioned for growth

+ How to keep the mobile consumer at the center of your digital efforts and entice power users to engage with your brand via smartphones and tablets

+ Create mobile-centric content for branded properties

+ Establish a method and system for mobile marketing

+ Why functionally responsive content is worth the time it takes to create it

Meium_Hannah_featuredHannah Meium, Mashable :: Connoisseur of content

Session: Content Marketing in 2020

There’s no question. The era of content marketing is upon us. Even before 2015 arrived, it was heralded as a top digital trend. What do the shifting tides of content marketing look like? Find out. Hear from Mashable’s Director of Branded Content Hannah Meium. Before, eBooks, social media and blogs were seen as “nice to haves.” That’s all different now.

Walk away knowing:

+  Best practices for developing and implementing a next generation content strategy.

+ Strategies to write clickable copy for mobile and digital properties

+ Mapping content to best represent your brand on mobile and digital channels

+ How to identify content that drives results and how to think about ROI

+ What you can do to navigate and stay ahead of the latest trends in content marketing

Spychalski_Brad_FeaturedBrad Spychalski, Pinterest :: Artist of aesthetics

Session: How Awesome Creative on Mobile Impacts User Behavior

How does creative on mobile impact user behavior? Listen as Brad Spychalski, Creative Strategist on Pinterest’s Midwest team, discuss visual treatments for mobile and how purchased creative has the ability to impact user behavior. With the explosion of mobile devices and connected applications, mobile design is a frontier creative teams can’t ignore. Brad brings years of experience at Target and now Pinterest. He knows what visuals get noticed and what gets ignored. The key? Optimizing mobile creative for people on the go.

Walk away knowing:

+ Why creative should be designed with mobile in mind

+ Why Buyable Pins and Cinematic Pins on Pinterest along with Cartwheel offer marketers opportunities to affect user behavior

+ How objectives and user intent should drive the direction of mobile creative treatments

khoury_matt_FeaturedMatt Khoury, Thomson Reuters :: Product manager extraordinaire

Session: What’s Next After Mobile Apps

Matt Khoury isn’t just knowledgeable about technology. He’s obsessed with the services and products that solve problems for users. In his work with the Advanced Product Innovation group at Thomson Reuters, he is a passionate advocate for customers and leads the day-to-day operations of the Convene event app. Before all that, he began his career as a developer. At MobCon, Matt will sound off about the future of mobile and its continued evolution as a now mature delivery platform.

Walk away knowing:

+ Where native mobile is going next

+ Predictions about how the mobile web will advance

+ What cross platform development may look like in the future

+ How the industry will respond to the latest including wearables and IOT technology