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On the heels of the highly successful MobCon 2014, which was attended by hundreds of mobile enthusiasts from around the globe, we announce MobCon Digital Health—the foremost healthcare technology conference.

MobCon Digital Health

Today, technology enables us to track, manage and advance patient care more precisely than ever before. Through technology, providers and suppliers in the healthcare industry can help reduce inefficiencies by improving access, reducing costs, expediting results and elevating quality while making healthcare a more personalized and precise experience for the patient.

MobCon Digital Health will zero in on advances in technology that will impact the healthcare vertical, and feature keynote presentations by some of the top minds in the industry, plus educational tracks on everything from personalized big data to future health.

Attendees, including executives, strategists and developers from sectors such as healthcare providers, diagnostics and medical device companies, bio/pharmaceuticals and more, will learn about emerging medical technologies and how innovation will impact the future of the healthcare industry.